Raj Bhavan

Because of another moronic driver's act a newly married couple lost their life near Raj Bhavan. They were just married for 45 days and when they were travelling in their two wheeler, they were knocked down by a Van. Both died. The bastard driver fled the scene. Unecassarily two live's lost. Raj Bhavan road is one road which I frequent a lot. Now after some traffic changes the stretch has become a nightmare. All signals are removed and people just travel like psycho's.

Last night when I was waiting at thiruvanmiyur signal near the median, there was a Qualis before me. There was some gap between the median and the qualis. I didnt squeeze through it because all SUV's are vehicles of death master and they will react without brain. But for all death masters there are challengers, one guy behind me in a bike honked a lot. I turned back to see how pretty his face was and then just stood there. The guy kept honking, he wanted me to squeeze through gap. I turned back he gestured me to move on. The maximum the guy can go beyond the qualis is 1 meter. I replied "koncham porumaya than irungalen". For that he showed face and settled. He must have called me a "Bastard" in his mind. Since he had some decency he didnt disturb me further but if it had been some uncultured moron definitley he would have "kalauthulaye potrupan".


cowey said…
hmm... serious...every day some thuosands of people are dying out of accident...correctu Ramesh neenga sollaradhu correctu
Balaji S Rajan said…

Better come back to UK. I could understand your irritations. I have come across innumerable times as stated in your post. Every pillioner used to compromise me. Once inspite of a traffic sergeant's warnning one ambassador did few gimmicks near Teynampet and wanted to flee near Nandanam signals. The traffic sergeant chased him and put his bike in front of him. Before the driver could flee, I blocked him and we caught the driver. We found he was drunk and he was stinking with the smell of alcohol and abused the traffic sergeant at the signals. Luckily we caught him, and I leave the rest to your imagination.
Anonymous said…
i was driving behind a bid share auto today morning, no place to overtake, one guy was honking badly from behind .. i just turned and shouted "munnadi pora auto la ethiya saaga pora"... appa appathan manasu nimmathi aachu!! avana thalli vitturuntha innum nimmathi aayirukkum!!
Dan said…

i guess i am writing too much on traffic but i cant help it as daily i encounter some idiots.

Looks like you have had your share of adventure in the roads :)
Dan said…

well said i too wld like to see the top of a guy violating traffic rule goes top

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