Rang De Basanti

I saw this movie last week. I bought this DVD as Sony DVDs was selling this DVD at Rs.69 as part of some offer.

The main reason for me to buy this movie was to listen to the song "Loose Control" which was introduced to me by my friend. Given below are my views on this movie.

Aamir should be appreciated for accepting to act in this movie. He has not been projected as the hero of the movie. Infact Siddarth of Boys fame is projected as hero. I also dont know how they put in two southies for major roles in this movie. The other southie is Madhavan. Coming to the point the story of the movie is simple. In the movie Indian there used to be a dialogue where suganya will say that kamal was fighting the british when he was young and is fighting the corrupt people in our country when he was old.

In Rang De Basanti they show people fighting the british and after british we are fighting corrupt people in government. To show this they have written some story around this concept. They have tried to be different on the screen play front.

Throughout the first half I was wondering "What the hell is going on?" as the story was not moving anywhere. They were simply showing people shouting vande mataram at britishers. Slowly the movie takes a serious turn. I liked the last 1 hour of the movie. A very different climax which brings out the cunningness of our political leaders.

In Indian a father kills a son here a son kills his father. It gave a feeling of watching Shankar's Indian again but still this movie can be watched for the natural acting of everyone involved. Though the pre independence scenes may be over dramatic the current happenings are shown without much drama.

The only grudge I have is the movie does not play "Loose Control" continuosly.


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