Stock Market Idiots

Now after the great fall which is witnessed in Indian stock market and Reliance IPO I can see lot of hopeless guys screaming in all websites that the market will fall below currently levels. They also say Reliance IPO is a hopeless IPO.

These guys are no better than our meterological department guys. The met guys give warning about rain only after it rains. They dont stop there they give false threats saying rains will continue for another 48 hours when rain will stop the moment after their comment.

Similarly when the Indian market was going uphill none of these stock market predictors gave a prediction for a fall. They didnt predict lower levels of 12500 even when the stock market just started the downhill. They are giving this prediction after seeing a downside for past 2 weeks. Why couldnt they fucking predict it when it was going up?

When reliance IPO was announced they were saying this is one IPO which could lift the market. But for some reason when the IPO fails to pick up they point finger at relaince saying I told you long time ago this was a bad IPO. Idiot, when did you say it?

These guys are as hopless as some தெருமுனை கிளி ஜோசியக்காரன்.

Either they should give some valuable prediction or should keep their big mouth shut. When everyone know this hopeless stock market is hopelessly unpredictable its better all keep their mouth shut.


K Praveen said…
Angry but a damn funny read!

These guys are as hopless as some தெருமுனை கிளி ஜோசியக்காரன். :) :)
Anonymous said…
Stock market investments are subject to market risk.

People walk in road are subject to accident.

Empty vessles make much noise
Dan said…




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