Another Attack

Another attack on India and here is another post on it. Terrorist attacks have become like a cup of tea. The guys who were simply planting bombs got tired of it and came into the city with guns and grenades.

There is no point in blamig politicians and police. They will attack you whatever protective measures you take. The only thing we can do is delay the attack. If not X, Y will be killed in the attack.

Thirudanai paarthu thiruntha vital thirutai olika mudiyathu. Sad reality,


S.Srikanthan said…
very sad indeed :-(
but thirundangal thirunda chance irukaa??
Anonymous said…
Enna arumaiyana kelvi? Dany, waiting eagerly for your answer to nithya's query. Do not say kandippa nadakkum.

Nice to see arasu badhil section in dany says.

My question
Thirunthatha thirudargal endraal enna? Yaar?

Dan said…
Thirudargal thiruntha chance illai.
Dan said…
@Antiha - hey u got a very different name

tx for visiting antiha.

Thirunthatha thirudargal endraal enna? Yaar? - hw is this question related to what has been written?
Anonymous said…
Thirunthatha thirudargal = your answer. You said to nithya chance illai.. So they are thirunthatha thirudargal... Our ruthless two wheelers... Politicians like ... Edhukku..So I have to ask and answer myself, is it?

S.Srikanthan said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dan said…

with respect to this post i m referring to terrorists as thirudargal ..

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