Michael Jackson - A tribute

We will never see these feet in action again. I heard about death of Michael through a friend at 4 AM. I didnt believe him and thought he was playing a prank but when I switched on the TV I was shocked to see the news.

Michael Jackson is truly a legend. My introduction to pop happened through Dangerous by him. From then I bought all his albums. Not a single day goes by without thinking about one of his songs.

He was an electrifying entertainer. Though there were so many strange accusations made against him and made him go through hell he came out of all of them successfuly. His fame never diminished.

It's a great loss that too when one was expecting his come back in July.

There is one song from one of his albums "Gone too soon .." it now applies to Michael as well.


Vijayan said…
My great condolence is to all of his fans.

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