Smoking Ban

Gulam Nabi Azad has told he will revoke smoking ban in movies. Though I appreciate his move I dont agree with the reason given by him for revoking the ban.
He has told that movies are full of rape and murder, smoking wont cause any impact worse than that.
I disagree with him for this reason that rape and murder are not copied by people who watch them in movies because it is very difficult to commit such acts in real life but smoking is something which can be easily copied in real life. So just because youngsters are not apeing rape and murder, it can't be assumed that they wont ape smoking too.
But if someone is so weak that he copies smoking from movie then he will smoke no matter what. Smoking is not some hidden act which is exposed by movies. Youngsters dont start the habit of smoking just because it is glamorised by Rajnikanth or Sharukh Khan. The next door uncle, next street ramu and the dad who lives in the same house as the youngster have greater influence on the youngster.
So at the same time I welcome Azad's act of revoking the ban to show smoking in movies, I do hope the ban on public smoking is implemented in full force.


Niths said…
True.. If movies would have impact on youth, it should influence them to take positives and leave away negatives. More than anything having an impact, one must have it within himself to say this is wrong and I will not do it :)
Vijayan said…
You knew that the movie is one of the most sharpen protocol to reach people compare to other than such as advertisement, news paper. It’s create lots of things(…) among the people, it’s depends on the people not the movie. The movies all are same format. Nowadays the filmmakers are making movies for commercial purpose only rather than award movie, so they will add everything like non-veg biriyani, they don’t bother

Can they stop in movies what is unlawful such as rape, drink, Glamour and vulgar words? They couldn’t bcoz these are all karam masala for movies

My point of view the people should have self-control instead of ban the smoking scenes in movies if they ban smoke they’ve to do rest of the things

Movies is more vulnerable things to get affect, if he stop only one rest of things who will, just for politics

Ban Smoking in public places that’s right but who will follow this rule. Nobody as of now, bcoz there is no proper punishment but whereas if they smoke in our premises like infi, wip, tcs, cts what will happened just imagine

So I don’t accept what politician says

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