I was caught for Signal violation near Madhya Kailash. It was my mistake, I got confused by the Signal and attempted to cross when it was no right turn for me. Immediately I was taken care by the Traffic Sergeant and another vehicle who tried to tail me was also pulled over. Now the moment I was pulled over I knew I was done.

I tried to apologise for overrunning a no right signal. He was courteous but was not willing to let go off me. He took me and the other driver to where his boss was standing. The boss immediately started advising how dangerous it is to drive like that. Again I said I was sorry. But he was not interested in my sorry. It was getting late for my office and I was standing there in sweltering sun waiting for pardon from him.

My luck an accident occurred and his full attention went to that and he totally forgot about me. I tried to get the help of the Sergeant but he himself was afraid of his boss and was not willing to help. Finally I got his attention and he mentioned some numbers which made me dizzy. Finally I managed to escape by doing you know what.

I try to be very careful but somehow that day I lost concentration. Luckily it was not a major incident.


Vijayan said…
This is not an incident; it was well planned by Traffic Police. That kind of signal there are lots in chennai. One is there in Nandanam. I used to ride towards mount road and I’ll take right turn for chamiers road i.e) Nandanam devar statue but that signal let note allow me to take right turn instead force me to go straight (if not either die on the road or caught by police ) to SIET signal where I can take right Bcoz there are lot of Mama’s standing all the sides. So no one can overcome them.

See this is the tactics. They will put Straight & Right Turn with Descending digits suddenly they will cut off only right turn but straight remains If somebody try to take right turn they will be caught. This is I can forget but what they will do U know they will give green opposite side. If somebody comes fast they’ll be struck on middle of the rode bcoz of opposite traffic and its more vulnerable to die on the road, which I can’t forgive.

See, how the hell they’re made people to suffer. They’re not a traffic police they’re bribery police. Do u know every New Year the people will make resolution but the greatest and it may be ginnes that is my friend’s resolution. U know what.

“Oh God Last year I paid Rs. 1600 to traffic police. So this year I should not pay that much so I’ll pay lesser than laster rs.1000”. This is one of my orrisa friend’s resolutions for the current year. When he saying to me I was drinking water and immediately I sneezed bcoz of Laugh.
Anonymous said…
I am the same old Anon.

Take care and drive with care in future. Meeting with an accident is not a big offence, Meeting these policemen are.... They use their post for begging..

pls ride safely

Dan said…

thats awesome narration


thnx for advice will drive safely

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