Couple of days back 74 were killed in an attack by the Maoists. Though Maoists has been killing people for a long time this is the first time the numbers are so big. They keep killing, killing, killing. This happens in Andhra, it happens in north east and the famous Kashmir.

Ans always we dont see any action from the government. There has not been a single time where there have been news about the government clearing these people on a massive scale. The worst thing is the maoists kill people and our government will be talking about peace talks. How can we forget all the bad things dne by these people and sit with them talk for peace. It looks like they can do whatever they want in the name of whatever they ask for but we wont attack them but will sit and talk with them.

Let us assume for this blogs sake the talk succeeds. It is vey difficult to imagine that all those people who murdered our people will be let to go free. Yes what they do is murder. This is not war to write off the killings.

Personally I feel there is no way peace can be brought in through talks. For some people you have to talk to them in their own language. Give them their own medicine. But will our government act right atleast this time?


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