After a long time saw two movies and both were very satisfactory.

Drag me to hell from Sam Raimi took me back to standard horror fare which has been missing for quite sometime in mainstream cinema. Exorcist the begining was the last such movie I saw under such genre.
The movie starts off in Jet Speed and doesnt slow down. The ending is something is easily guessable otherwise the movie is a roller coaster ride with making your heart skip some beats.

Hostel though this movie is not actually a horror movie it falls under the category of torture killing genre.

I was infact afraid of watching this movie after reading the reviews. Though I m ok with watching Texas chainsaw massacre kind of movies I dont think I will be able to view scenes where people are tortured as it was described in the reviews.

The movie starts off slowly with lot of skin show thrown in. The torture scenes doesnt take much screen time and thankfuly the director leaves lot of things to our imagination. Still there are scenes where you might try to close your eyes.

The ending gives you 100% satisfaction atleast it did to me.


Vijayan said…
Drag me to hell movie, which was shoot during the day 75% and night 25 %. Though its too horror to watch. While watching this movie I lost my guts and feared many times. If it'd have been shooted during nights no one can see that movie with brave heart.

Drag me to hell the real horror

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