Kramer Vs Kramer

I did watch couple of movies but none of them which actually impressed me. But this one Kramer Vs Kramer what a movie.

The movie starts off at a point which will most probably come only during intermission in Indian Cinema.

It beautiful captures the relationship between the father and a son.

The kid has given a awesome performance.

First time I saw a young Meryl Streep and was totally blown over by her beauty. She looks absolutely fabulous.

Its Dustin Hoffman show all the way.

The movie though takes a heavy plot we never feel we are watching a movie with heavy plot. The scenes move on effortlessly. We forget ourselves and start enjoying the father-son relation. Towards the end the movie tends to get a bit touchy and most of us will be able to judge the ending.

For those who are looking for something more there is also a frontal nude scene of a woman ;)


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