What Dreams May Come

I started watching this movie a week back with lot of expectations. My expectations was for a heart warming story but 30 minutes into the movie I felt the movie was too surreal for me and I couldn't understand what was happening. I switched it off.

Now today I thought I will give it one more try and found the movie to be pretty interesting. The first half does wander without any meaning and the way the story moves to past and present does irritate initially. But once we get into the story it gets very interesting.

Visually I can say I have never seen a movie like this. We can even compare it to Avatar. Awesome settings.

The plot is about a highly debatable topic of life after death. They set their own rules and play by that. The movie doesn't get spiritual at any point of time. Robin Williams as usual fits into the role easily as it is about a loser who realizes what he could have done better but only after his death.

Towards the end I felt a sad ending must have made a great impact than the current one they have.

Initially when you see death after death it could be a turn off but dont give up as the plot gets interesting in the second half.


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