Hopeless campaigns

Today as I was riding through the OMR I could see the road was blocked at many places due to election campaigns. There were long queues of vehicles as they were not able to go through the blocked roads. Through the crowded heads of India's best intellects I could hear the monotonous tone of some politician blaming the opposite party.

At one side tired people wanting to get through the nightmarish traffic and reach home on the other side people who were curious to listen to the hopeless talk of some insignificant politician whos blocking the traffic flow.

There were lots of traffic police but as usual they will shout at anyone who disturbs the meetings not the one who is disturbing the traffic.

As cherry on top as in cinema i saw a Ambulance struck in the traffic. They couldnt see why there was such a traffic job during non peak time.

The politicians will survive as long as people who like to throng behind them.


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