Just back from watching Ko in Express Avenue. It was my first time in EA and the theater is indeed good. Its too sophisticated especially the driers and handwash inside the toilets look very different.

Coming to the movie I knew the twist in the story line so it didnt shock me. I was kind of expecting how and when the twist will be. I felt a similarity between Kana Kandein and this movie. In both movies we see a good friend turning bad.

The first action sequence after the bank robbery was extrodinary. The locations for songs were awesome. Songs were ok had the previously heard tune feeling typical to harris Jeyaraj.

I felt climax dragged a bit but overall its a good movie. It was nice to see one of my favorite author Suba (i think Suresh of famous Suresh-Bala). Dont know why Simbu didnt do this movie. Simbus loss Jiivas gain.


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