Mixed bag

Its been so hot here in chennai that you have to be here to feel it. For past few years the month of May has been below 40 but this time it has touched 40 right the 1st week of May. There are no signs of rain. Chennai feels like on big furnace with no one to turn off the heat. Nights are unbearable with low voltage, power cuts and the heat. I have a feeling its just the begining.

Rana has had a bad start. First time we hear news like Rajini admitted in hospital.

After Rajasekara reddy another CM dies in a helicopter crash. Something fishy?

Lets consider the case where someone has done something very bad to you and you are seeking vengence. You have been searching that person for years. Atlast you get hold of him. Will you kill him immediately or take pleasure in tourturing him? Osama ..


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