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Vijay TV Awards

Vijay TV Awards is one of the most hopeless awards I have seen. They come up with innovative ways to give awards to everyone. They name awards like Best Entertainer, Best Villain, Most Favorite Actor etc when there should be only one award Best Actor. The best part is some people say proudly that their idol has won Vijay TV awards. During the days before the actual awards show they run a series where eminent!! people discuss on the nominations. They will talk as if they are the doyens of Indian cinema. Its pathetic.

The Painted Veil

First and foremost thing you need to watch and enjoy a movie is the mood. If you are not in mood for a movie then even the greatest epic of all time will also feel like average. We tend to associate the situation in which we watched a movie to the movie. Also not all movies can be seen at all times. The mood decides what movie will suite that particular moment.

I wanted to watch a movie but didnt know which one to choose. Should I rewatch some movie or should I watch a movie which was still in my "to see" list? Strong debate in my mind. Went through my DVD collection, I had bought The Painted Veil long time back but everytime I just postponed watching the movie for lack of mood.

This time I went ahead and loaded the movie in the DVD player. I didnt know this was by Somerset maugham (or I forgot), not that I knew much about him, but learnt it as the title cards were shown. I am not a big fan of Period movies and I could see the movie was set in early nineties. But as the movie …

Feeling lost

The news you expect the most never comes ..
The news that you dread to hear arrives first ..
The stock you buy nose dives ..
The stock you didnt buy moves north ..
The person you dont wish to see is the person you see first ..
The person you long to see you dont want to see ..


Social get togethers play an important role in planting seeds of Jealousy by showing the blessings that you are missing. At the same time some gatherings helps in identifying how blessed you are when compared to others. The first thing obviously makes us sad and the second thing too doesnt help us rejoice.

Her excellency

Her excellency after tooking over power has done the following

1) Rejected the new assembly building
2) Proposes mono rail instead of metro
3) Scrapped the education system introduced by previous government
4) Scrapped the insurance scheme brought by the previous government

At this rate TN will remain as it is without seeing any improvement with governments changing alternatively. Those who rejoiced for her should put their foot in their mouth.

Magadheera - Maaveeran

The movie which still holds the no 1 box office record in AP, the movie which was Ram Charan's only second movie - Magadheera, got the oppurtunity to see the tamil version on thursday.

I had seen the trailer of the tamil version and was not impressed by it. So when some of my friends asked me to come for this movie I went with low expectations.

But as the movie unfolded I was totally entertained. Though the movie has the disadvantage of bad dialogues, lip synch it still provided wholesome entertainment.

The movie has some intersting adrenaline pumping scenes which is missing in Tamil cinema for quite sometime. This is the second Telugu movie (tamil dubbed) which has impressed me a lot.

I found the movie racy and entertaining. When the hero rides the horse we feel like we are riding with him. Kajal Agarwal looks million bucks.