Magadheera - Maaveeran

The movie which still holds the no 1 box office record in AP, the movie which was Ram Charan's only second movie - Magadheera, got the oppurtunity to see the tamil version on thursday.

I had seen the trailer of the tamil version and was not impressed by it. So when some of my friends asked me to come for this movie I went with low expectations.

But as the movie unfolded I was totally entertained. Though the movie has the disadvantage of bad dialogues, lip synch it still provided wholesome entertainment.

The movie has some intersting adrenaline pumping scenes which is missing in Tamil cinema for quite sometime. This is the second Telugu movie (tamil dubbed) which has impressed me a lot.

I found the movie racy and entertaining. When the hero rides the horse we feel like we are riding with him. Kajal Agarwal looks million bucks.


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