Match Point

Though I have heard about Woody Allen I had always postponed watching his movies and strangely I have never come across his movies in any of the english movie channels except for one time when they showed his movie and I was running late for something.

And specifically about Match Point, this movie was noticed by me when I had just landed in London but I gave it a miss.

Now after watching Closer and learnt from Closer forum that Match Point is in the same league I was determined to watch this movie this time and got hold of the DVD.

Watching this movie was an experience. First the only music in the movie comes in the form of some Opera song, otherwise atleast I didnt hear any music. The title cards are not shown in hollywood style rather the entire movie had a look of serial. Having said the movie is top notch though the plot is something which we are used to.

I have always believed that luck plays a major role in anyones life however hard working the person may be. Have had few arguments over this subject with my friends. This movie starts of with the same line there is one moment in life when things could go in two different directions but as luck would have it, it goes in the direction it finally goes.

Add this luck plot to Fatal Attraction or Unfaithful you have Match Point. But the character build happens for almost an hour in the movie. Only then the actual plot unfolds.

Chris a tennis coach joints as a coach in a London club and gets the friendship of a rich person Tom. Slowly Chris becomes friendly with Toms family especially Toms Sister Chloe falls for Chris. But as fate would have it Chris meets Tom's fiance Nola and falls for her. Chris finally marries Chloe but still has the hots for Nola. When Tom and Nola break up, Chris starts his relationship with Nola. This leads to lots of complications and finally luck favours Chris or does it?

Scarlett Johansson as Nola is super hot and sensuous. But as the plot unfolds she gets close to Glenn Close of Fatal Attraction. The movies reminds us again how a moment of weakness can make our life miserable. When we see Chris suffer, all we think is if only he hadnt done what he had done.

It is always good to see movies taken in London as it brings back lot of memories of my stay there.


K Praveen said…
Cool snapshot from the movie!

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