Death Penalty

Should death penalty continue? This is a highly debatable point. When we hear the arguments from both sides we feel both are valid. This feeling was well brought out in the movie Dead Man Walking. When finally Sean Penn is injected with lethal dose we wonder if we should feel happy or sad.

Now here every ramasamy and kuppusamy in Tamilnadu is crying foul against the death penalty awarded to Raji gandhi killers. The argument they use is these guys are not guilty so they should not be hanged. If thats the case will they agree for death penalty if these guys are guilty?

All jobless politicians like Ramadass, Thirumavalavan, Vaiko who doesnt have anything to chew take up these issues and make it sound like they are fighting for Tamils. They even put arguments like how can a Tamil be hanged. These same people sometime back supported a staged encounter of a child rapist. So is it ok to kill a child rapist? Different people might have different scales.

Newspapers are filled with cheap gimmicks rather than real valid arguments against death penalty. Listening to these morons talks it seems a girl named Sengodi did self immolation. She dies to save the life of 3 people. What is the logic? If she felt the life of some guilty people must be saved isnt her life worth more than theirs? The joker politicians shamelessly try to take mileage out of this suicide as well.

I m not sure if the three deserve death penalty or not but our joker jobless moronic politicians do.


Anonymous said…
improve your english.It's not grammatically correct.
K Praveen said…
Today, there was an extremely hilarious face off b/w SuSwami and Vaiko in Times Now. Vaiko walked out of the interview.
Anonymous said…
stupid article...

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