Kadhalil Sothapuvathu Eppadi

Movies which make fun of simple ego clashes between man and woman has mostly tasted success. I can think of Kushi in Tamil and When Harry Met Sally, You have got a mail in hollywood. When mens nature is ridiculed women enjoy it and vice versa. Kadhalil Sothapuvathu Eppadi is also one such story. So you will like it.

Towards the end I felt it dragged a bit but overall its a different style of movie for Tamil audiences. When people act forgetting their images without any build up such movies are a pleasure to watch.


Niths said…
True.. in each pair he had shown a different women which i liked more.. Normally they just have focus on heroine and her character... Here we had nearly 3 different women characters which i liked a lot.. the randaka randaka part was too good - coz its hard for a women to sit for 5 min without her mind thinking on something!!
Uthya Balan said…
Ya i agree with Nithi... Many girls dont know this fact... Sure this film will help a lot of couples to understand each other better... There is a saying that men r frm mars nd women r frm venus... it is difficult for them to lead a life without quarrels... Bt they can if they can understand some facts which has been filmed so beautifully.. Thanks to the whole team...

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