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More Movies

This is one movie which I tried watching many times and every time I used to stop after 10 mins as something or other will come up. Finally managed to get time to watch this movie fully. Being a fan of Coen brothers expected a lot from this movie but this movie neither had humor nor emotions.Hope Springs can be called as Hopeless. Bought this movie in a sale in Landmark. I am happy that I didnt pay its Original cover price. The only saving grace is its locales.This is great story telling though there was no reason given why the loop is broken at the end. The movie is built on series of events which never gets dull. We do wish something like that happens to us so we become like GOD.

A Serbian Film

A Serbian Film always features in any discussion on the most horrific movie one has ever seen along with movies like Salo, Cannibal Holocaust. I have been postponing watching these movies for a long time but sometime back finished watching Cannibal Holocaust and  I have already written about that experience in this blog. But ASF is one movie which I didnt want to see after reading the reviews on it.

Finally couple of days back decided to go ahead and watch it and my first reaction is "Wow it was not as bad as it was written". I felt Martyrs was mroe violent than this movie. One main reason this movie didnt feel as violent as Martyrs was that though there are shock moments in this movie which we have not seen in other movies none of them happen on screen for long moments. There are some extreme scenes but they just appear for couple of seconds.

The hero of this movie is a porn star and the movie follows through his journey when he accepts to do a movie for an unknown gang. …