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Life vs Traffic

Just had an epiphany about life and traffic.

There were times I have wondered if I have to be punished for the wrongs I did I should be dead long time ago. But here I am still alive.

When on road I have always cursed people who doesn't obey traffic rules that they be punished severely in the form of an accident. But nothing happens even to serious violators.

In nutshell for some reason beyond our understanding people don't get what they deserve. They don't reap what they sow. At least for now...

Eventful May 2013

This month is proving to be filled with lot of happenings. Lost some very close people. I got to spend time at a gala wedding and another big one in the offing. Celebrated birthday of a close person and another one pending towards end of this month.

In one angle Life is highly predictable we know people who get married will give birth to child, the child will go to school, college and join some job. The parents get old and die.

At the same time Life also gives a view that its highly unpredictable.

When people die, a very big chunk of us goes along with them. They only remain in memories and memories slowly fade away and blur but by that time you only in live in someones memory.


If movies entertain you in one way TV serials entertain you in another way. There was a time when I used to switch off the tele whenever I see the show Friends running. But slowly started loving it. The Wonder Years is the first serial to which I became a fan.

Recently I love Two and a half men. But after Charlie Sheen left the series I don't feel like watching it. The British comedies were in a different league such as Fawlty Towers, Are you being served, Yes Minister and so on.

Comedy Central channel is playing some of these series and its really nice to sit and watch them after a tiring day. Recently it plays some British comedies such as Coupling, How not to live your life which I have not seen before and they too were excellent.

After spending a lot money and time on money I have now turned my attention to such series and the first buy is Friends collectors edition. Have started watching from Season 1. So some serious TV watching ahead.


Roamed around Mumbai almost after almost 28 years. Though I visited Mumbai in early 2000 it cannot be counted as it was just a stopover before catching a connecting flight.

Mumbai looks like a giant when compared to Chennai. The place is bursting at its seams with people. The city looks very active and it was really fun to roam around the city.

Mumbai is far ahead of Chennai in Infrastructure. In Chennai for so many years we have only LIC but every other building in Mumbai is a LIC.

The variety of food available there is awesome. It can be called a true cosmopolitan city.