If movies entertain you in one way TV serials entertain you in another way. There was a time when I used to switch off the tele whenever I see the show Friends running. But slowly started loving it. The Wonder Years is the first serial to which I became a fan.

Recently I love Two and a half men. But after Charlie Sheen left the series I don't feel like watching it. The British comedies were in a different league such as Fawlty Towers, Are you being served, Yes Minister and so on.

Comedy Central channel is playing some of these series and its really nice to sit and watch them after a tiring day. Recently it plays some British comedies such as Coupling, How not to live your life which I have not seen before and they too were excellent.

After spending a lot money and time on money I have now turned my attention to such series and the first buy is Friends collectors edition. Have started watching from Season 1. So some serious TV watching ahead.


K Praveen said…
FRIENDS is a bit hyped. Always found those jokes to be normal without that orchestrated laughter.
Dany J said…
I too used to think so but now I dont think so.

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