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Kochadaiiyaan - Audio

Writing the name of this film with the right spelling is a nightmare as there are two i's and two a's. I never thought this movie will see the light as it was directed by Soundarya who is just famous for launching movies but not releasing them. But proving me wrong the trailer and audio has been released and the movie might indeed see the light.

What was impressive about the trailer was the sound effects and Rajini's voice. Rajini's voice which was lacking its punch in previous movies is back in form. On the visual effects it does leave a kind of mixed feelings. As there is a huge crowd waiting to laugh at the movie even a small slide will give them the reason for that. If it is a Kamal film people would say atleast he tried but it will not be the case for a Rajini movie.

Coming to the audio I can say that AR has given his best even though the movie is not like a normal movie. Each song is a different experience. To be frank on first listening except for Manapennin Sa…

Wild Justice

After coming across some lame novels I landed with a cracker of a novel. When I usually take 2 weeks to finish an average novel it can extend to 3 to 4 weeks for a below average novel. I finished this one in almost a week.

This is my first attempt with Phillip Margolins work and I am glad it worked out. I was somehow able to predict the ending but still there were enough twists, humour and characters with whom we can connect.

I have already chosen my next one and it will be The Patient by Michael Palmer which will be another first for me.

Hour Game

I am trying to move away from my comfort zone and have started trying out books written by different authors. My journey into English fiction world started with "To sir with love" and then I moved to Sidney Sheldon and then I became more comfortable with John Grisham, Stephen King, Robin Cook and Dean Koontz. Occasionally I tried Jeffrey Archer, Harold Robbins, Irving Wallace. Then there was a big lull in my reading habit and I have again rekindled that habit and been trying out books by different Authors. Some choices made me happy and some made me cringe.

One such book is Hour Game by David Baldacci. This is a 600 page book and contains murder after murder and can really be mentioned as an example for a serial killer novel. The novel just went one from one murder to another and there is a incompetent police chief who hires couple of detectives to solve the cases for him. The FBI also gets involved and together they go nowhere for almost 500 pages. They just sit and watch …