Election 2014

A better entertainment that IPL has begun. IPL will look like vayalum vaazhvum in front of our election. No rules no logic no principles no morality that's our election. Sometimes we also have to wonder if it is staged like WWF where the contestants act as if they are really fighting. But at the end they laugh all the way to banks.

For the people who decides the government which comes to power the decision is not made after thinking about the pros and cons. For them it is like watching women mud wresting. It's dirty and erotic and it provides you absolute ecstasy but right after orgasm you wonder what the hell was it.

There are some who approach election with absolute fear. DMK is one such party. They are always desperate to win. So even if i form a party and i have some 100 people's support they will be ready to give me a seat. It's because of them all thukkada parties act as if they are decision makers.

BJP, PMK and Vijayakant provides the necessary humor to the proceedings. Last time it was Vadivelu who made fun of him and this time AIADMK is using him well.

Congress stands alone this time and it was not because they don't want anyone but rather even suyetchais don't want anything to do with them.

Finally there is one party which approaches election with utmost confidence and that is AIADMK. For Jayalalitha she knows she has to win if her current state of pleasure has to continue but she will never beg for votes. She knows majority of the people of the democratic are fools and they will wag their tails even if the ejaman kicks the dog in stomach. Just look at her meetings she stands on top of a medai with aircoolers behind her and starts delivering a speech which has all the arrogance elements but the people who sit under the chennai sun they act as if they are enjoying it. It is purest form of sadism. People are even ready to lick her foot for what for nothing.

Whoever is elected nothing is going to change. And our great people will make great decisions. We can absolutely trust them.


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