Gone too soon

The title of this blog is a line from one of MJs songs. I have been noticing from my childhood people dying when they were still young to die. First such event to which I witnessed was the death of one of my friends father. I still remember going to his house on the way back from school wondering what I will say to him when I meet him. It also left me wondering even at that age why should he be fatherless for the rest of his life and how difficult such a life would be when greater percentage of the population including me doesn't have to go through such a tragedy.

People keep dying when it is not time to die. Is there a right time to die? Is it above 60 or is it above 70? Some guys live long enough to see their children's children's children while some die right while being born. For a larger population to be happy there is always a marginal percentage of people who go through suffering.

There are Champagnes which costs more than some people could earn in their life. When people are born in this world everyone is entitled enjoy the resources of this world but some people struggle for even the basic necessities such as water and air while another section gets to enjoy the choicest items of this world.

The world is not a fair place which also make it very difficult to understand the entity who created such a place but only the hope on such an entity makes it easy to go through each day.


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