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Sometimes the sperms die before they meet the eggs - Infertility
Sometimes it is killed - Spermicide
Sometimes it meets and life is born and aborted - Abortion
The fortunate or unfortunate one makes it through all this and is faced with this chaotic world. Shocked, it enters with a cry.
Some succumb, to various diseases waiting to take it away to where it came from.
To make the first birthday it's a big struggle.
It struggles to hold its neck, to turnover, to crawl, to sit, to stand, to walk. It's a struggle but it manages.
Even before it can reach 2 it's pushed into PreKG. It's a struggle.
It has to be in school at time when even it's father will still be in bed. It's a struggle right from PreKG to LKG to High School to Higher Secondary. Then college to job to wedding to having it's own baby to death. The path is not rosy.
At every stage the struggle only gets tougher.
Some die half way making all the struggle they went through to reach that stage just me…


Though I am a person who gets lost in nostalgia for a considerable time everyday I for some reason is not always comfortable with Alumni meetings. Individually the childhood memories sound sweet but collectively it looks scary. I wonder how people manage such meetings. Where there is a crowd there is definitely a trouble. Most of the people today can make you go tired just by one simple "hi". I know some might consider me as one such person but that is how things are. The more we stay away from people the more peaceful it is. There are people who tend to give unsolicited advice and turn you into a killing machine (inside your mind). There are some people who think bad about you when you don't provide unsolicited advice.

It is a tough place. It is for a good reason GOD has not made man eternal.