Watched Kaala in PVR Grand Galada. My first time to a PVR and it was Dolby Atmos but one of the speakers at the top was vibrating and jarring at certain instances. Popcorn is 240 for regular size and they don't provide one extra cup when asked to convince a kid. The crowd to buy that popcorn has to be blamed not them for such exorbitant price. I was one among the crowd but I couldn't find an alternate way to keep my kid cool through the 3 hour movie. Yes the theater owners are having a grand time and the movie is about such corporate owners :).

*** Spoilers Ahead **
Coming to the movie even before it was released I expected Rajini to die in the end and it did happen but was surprised that it was not discussed in any of the reviews. Again I am not sure if the people misunderstood the hallucinated Rajini to be Kaala alive.

The climax with all its colors and the background score was awesome. The BGM throughout the movie was fantastic. There is also a Agni Natchathiram kind of BGM.

The movie is definitely not a Rajinikanth movie though we do get some fantastic mass moments. The movie has a raw feeling to it and it never felt like a movie even though there are some masala moments. Nana Patekar is good. Huma and the Lenin character is confusing as they keep oscillating in their decisions. Eawari Raos character is good like the Dhileepan character.

We were able to relate more to this movie than Kabali. Even Rajini looked energetic compared to Kabali. Except for those energetic numbers other songs doesn't stand out. There used to be a time when all songs in Thalaivar's movie will be chartbusters. I can't forget the days I went to the cassette recording shops to record full albums and sometimes buying the original version on the first day of audio release.

My overall view "It is not a feel good movie which Rajini movies usually are. This is a serious movie with some good mass moments and an ending which we have never seen before. The background score rocks"


Anonymous said…
Heap of Nonsense is Kaala. Rajni stands like statue throughout the movie and that for many of his fans is class acting.
Dany J said…
ha ha and thus said the class act
K Praveen said…
I did not like the movie. Every scene fizzes out before it begins. I was hoping a great moment between Rajini and Nana Patekar in that living room scene but it seemed like a mockery of two talented actors completely let down by a weak build-up scene and obscure dialogues. Climax is alright but it came out of nowhere trying to define the entire movie in few sloppy seconds.

I am eagerly waiting for 2.0.

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