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Though I am not a big fan of severe tragic movies there are some tragic movies which are in my favorites list. Movies like Dead Man Walking, City of Angels, Jagten - the Hunt, Spoorloos, About Elly, The color of paradise etc are such movies.

There are some movies which I avoid like a plague as the content is too tragic for me to sit through. Most of Bala's movies fall into this category. After hearing the climax of Kadhal I didn't get the guts to sit through it.

Now coming to the Marathi movie Sairat, I have heard a lot about this movie but I was not sure if it was tragic movie. I jut now finished watching this movie and I am feeling numb after watching the ending.

The movie was fantastic. The songs, music, cinematography, acting everything was stellar. Time just flew and I didn't even realise it was almost 3 hours long. The movie has the shade of the Tamil movie Kadhal. I was expecting tragedy to strike anytime but when it does land the impact was severe. I was not expec…


When it rains in Chennai the same roads which we took in the morning easily can become traps in the evening. Driving through the same road day and again you become so familiar with the potholes as if they are your fingerprints. During return with water logging the same roads may look like lake Mekong.

But that is not the thing that I wanted to highlight. When there is water stagnant in the road and we are riding a bike, we are familiar with situations where carwalas speeding past us without caring about splashing water all over us. But when the same is done by someone who is also riding a bike what can we call them? Chennai is filled with such fools all over.


Two things are certain in life birth and death. Nowadays birth is not certain. Between this birth and death what do we accomplish? Only few becomes legends and Kalaignar is definitely one. With him goes so many memories.