Good Old Days 1

I thought of writing a series called Good Old days where I will remember things from the past.

Thought of writing about Tamil comics of the old days (old days here refer to my childhood days for some it may not be that old but for some it may seem too old).

I remember buying my own tamil comic book by Rani comics in 1985 May in Dharavi (yes in Mumbai which was then Bombay). I was in Bombay visiting my aunt and happend to see the comic hanging in a shop. The name i vaguely remember it as "Irumbu Manithan".

From then on there was no stop. I became a fan of Rani comics and started buying all subsequent versions of it.

I used to buy it from the near by magazine shop which was at Palavanthangal Railway station. I think the comic was a monthly. I used to wait eagerly to get the book in hand. Oh how it felt to hold the new copy in hand with its shiny cover. There used to be red indians stories, james bond stories, mayavi and a lot more.

There was also a "pei thodar kathai" in that book which was without any pictures. Dont remember the name of it. I guess it was called "Pei Veedu" or something.

It used to be fun. Luckily my parents never hesitated to buy those comics.

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Anonymous said…
Here are some links that I believe will be interested
Anonymous said…
Here are some links that I believe will be interested
Anonymous said…
This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.
Anonymous said…
Very best site. Keep working. Will return in the near future.

Nice. It resembles my childhood days. Keep it up the Good Old - Golden Days man!
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