Certain things..

From the day I was able to understand news there have been few things that always occupied the headlines.

1) Punjab Violence
2) Russia Vs America
3) Kashmir Violence
4) Srilankan Violence
5) Middle-East Violence (includes Afghanistan)

During the doordharshan days there was not a single day passed without talking about some killing in Punjab. Slowly the violence there stopped and it doesnt figure in the news anymore. Same way Russia Vs America cold war also stopped without much damage(atleast to American side, Russia was split into many countries). One out of the remaining three occupy the headlines without fail till today.

Kashmir and Srilankan fight remain static meaning the groups that fight against each other remains the same. The middle east fights inlcuded Iran-Iraq war, Gulf war, the perenial Israel Vs Arab world war, Russia-Afghan-American war etc. There are no signs of these problems getting solved.

US is now like a man who is holding a tigers tail. It is neither able to leave Iraq nor continue there. When all these fights started they had some genuine cause but over the years those who started these fights are dead and the next generation took over the war.

I feel after sometime the fights will continue but the people who fight will continue without knowing what they are fighting for.

For some reason South Korea and North Korea are able to live without making headlines with their differences. Same thing applies to China - Taiwan. Recently our media is bustling with Indo - China issues over Arunachal pradesh. Oh man what will happen if all these problems also start making headlines.

What a way to waste this one life we got.


cowey said…
apart from these violence we witness civilized violence inside and outside office, home, temple, shop.
Shamila-Rao said…
What sir, digressing into war and all..write smth on daily life na..
Dan said…

cowey sir sona ritu than


r u shamila or sharmila? thnx for visitng
shamila-rao said…

I am Shamila and my sister is sharmila
Kittu said…
lets leave these issues to maniratnam and we'll deal with issues that cowey mentioned.
rammie said…
"I feel after sometime the fights will continue but the people who fight will continue without knowing what they are fighting for."

-- Excellent Man !!

If we make this one single sentence reach everyone in this world, we will no more hear these news.
Sathya Narayana.G said…
the clock is not good..it spoils the site...
Dan said…

nandri nanba

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