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Nowadays software release (application release or product release) have become as important as an operation performed on a human being. Software team has become as important as a team of doctors.

During an operation if a doctor does a mistake it could cost a life. Its visble as clear as the prints on our hands. But, the problem is any software release is also treated with the same importance as that of an live saving operation. Any mistake in a software application is treated as if it is a life threatening issue. People become worried as relatives of a person undergoing two heart by pass surgeries. They start to panic.

The guy who has done that mistake is treated like a person who has commited planned murder. They make sure the guy suffers for his mistake. Top guys just pass on instructions but the person who suffers is the one at the bottom. They say 'We want this system up and running at any cost'.

I have searched through many forums when I myself was looking for answers to the so called life threatening issues. You can see people screaming 'Application dead slow in Weblogic 8 server running in Linux-windows hybrid OS need answer urgently', 'Performance issue when Oracle interacts with JMS through A15 router', 'struts 5.9 not working with hibernate 11.9 please help'.

It looks like refugees screaming for help. We have made normal people run like headless chickens. Software made life of many simpler and easier but at the same time has made life of many others miserable.

Signing off
another software guy


Anonymous said…
nice one!!
just completed my integration release and was aboutto mail offshore with cribs :)
Kittu said…
software has become a hardware in our life maams.
Ram said…
more money more sani. ;-)
Dan said…


ha ha


sani or saani ;)

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