There are lot of debates going on in lot of forums on the actions of the Tamilnadu police when they raided a pub in Chennai and took few women there to the police station.

Refer to the news here

The facts I gathered from these forums are

1) Police raided these bars at 11:10 PM (Mandatory closing time is 11:00 PM)
2) There were woman cops who interrogated the women in the bar and they were taken to women police station
3) Police advised the women that drinking is not good habit
4) Police called the parents of the women and advised them to raise their daughters well

Now many of them oppose one or more of the above mentioned points. The points put forth by those who oppose the above raid are

1) 11.10 PM is just too early as in 10 minutes it is difficult to close bar
2) Who are police to give advice to the girls
3) How can they call the parents and advise them
last but not the least
4) All this happens only to women, how can the society be partial it allows men to drink if women drinks is it wrong? (this point is put forth mostly by girls but there are guys who support this also). And, whoever uses this point uses the word chauvinist without fail.

Ethula than poti podrathunu ilaya. Neenga kudicha rightu naanga kudicha thapa - what a statement. When the whole world advises men not to drink, women are asking is drinking only men's right? What a stupid question in the name of equality.

In any family whether guy or gal if they come home after visiting a pub at 12:00 AM no parent will kiss him and say good boy.

Why the society specifically frowns when they see a woman drinking, it is because 'eama aambalaingala thiruthave naanga padatha paadu padarom ippo neengalum aarambikatheenga'. As always the threats for a woman after getting drunk is more than for a man who is drunk. As long as women are looked upon as objects of sexual desire women will face these kind of situations when they find themselves out of home at odd hours that too in a bar. When everybody is expecting women to lure men away from drinks it is not a healthy trend when women themselves move towards drinking.

This is my personal opinion not meant to hurt anyone.


manu said…
Kick all the ladies on their back , if they talk about equality :-)
Dan said…

naan appdi solaleenga ethuku intha keta vishyathula poi poti podanum nu ketenga
Tania said…
I know I am a good looking girl and I love equality. Would you wanna join me for a party tonight?

Ping me at X0988 or drop a message here,, :-P
cowey said…
Good one..seems like some hot debate going on...
Dan said…

Tania neenga tania tanni adika koopdareenga naan varleenga velatuku


inge enga debate nadakuthu

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