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This weekend watched two movies The Three Kings and Bhama Vijayam.

The Three Kings is set at the time when the Gulf war was over (the kuwait issue early 90's) . The war is over and the American soldiers are planning to go home. That's when Mark Wahlberg and Ice Cube come across a map which shows the location where Saddam has hidden the gold he stole from Kuwait. Now George Clooney enters the scene and says they have to steal the gold without US military knowing. The three along with one more soldier go in search of the gold.

This takes them to a village where the villagers are held hostage by Iraqi soldiers. The three only concentrates to steal the gold and neglect the pleas of the villagers to save them from the Iraqi soldiers. At one point the three come in support of the villagers but they are out numbered by the Iraqi soldiers and they try to escape with the villagers and gold.

Mark Wahlberg is taken a captive by Iraqi soldiers while Ice cube and George clooney along with the villagers and gold are saved by Iraq rebel group.

How Clooney group save the villagers and Wahlberg form Iraqui soldiers and what happens to the gold forms the rest of the story. The story is action packed with some violent scenes thrown in many places. Its fast paced at the same time sentimental. Overall its a okay movie.

Bhama vijayam is a classic movie. It features K.Balachanders favorite actors Nagesh, Sowcar, Muthuraman, Sundarajan, Jeyanthi. I always feel Muthuraman is one such actor who can play any role. He has indeed proved that by playing hero, comedian, villain, character roles. Sundarajan is another actor who excels in any role. Everybody knows the versatality of Nagesh and Balaya.

This movie has also been remade in other languages.

It was a hilarious two and a half hours will definitly watch it again soon.


Rammie said…
Oh Man!

A great transformation. The site looks amazing and you have changed it overnight !!

Keep going dude !

Singa nadai pottu bloggil theru....
Rammie said…
Did you see Major sundarrajan cast Bhama Vijayam... Bhama vijayam paarthiya !! It is a good movie... Nalla movie-nney sollalam... I agree.. Naan othukkaren.... We can meet soon... naama koodiya seekiram meet pannuvom...
Dan said…

what a weird name sounds like a card game anyways thnx for visiting dude
Kittu said…
KB's casuals are always a big hit. Name it bama vijayam, thillu mullu or edhir neechal.

Nagesh is a great artist and he is still used in many films for his natural acting

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