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This weekend watched two movies Thillu Mullu and Agni Natchathiram. I bought Thillu Mullu with lot of expectations but for some reason the movie didnt evoke much laughter this time. May be I have watched it umpteen number of times that I found it less funny this time.

The last scene where Kamal appears its such an insipid role I kept wondering how Kamal accepted the role. Also was expecting at any minute Kamal is going to walk out of the movie saying the whole idea is crap.

Another observation is the movie was taken in 1981 and in the song 'Annangale Thambigale' Rajini acts like Sivaji, MGR, M.R Radha, Kamal and himself. So at that time itself they have compares Rajini-Kamal as MGR-Sivaji. Considering Rajini's first movie was released in 1975 it is a significant achievement in 6 years.

In Agni Natchathram one thing I observed this time which I didnt observe previously was that all songs are taken indoor except for the 'Va Va Anbe Anbe'. Almost all the songs had lengthier shots which makes me think that all the songs would have been picturised in maximum two days. The lighting work might have taken some time but otherwise Maniratnam was able to give a granduer look to all songs with minimum work. Ilayaraja's music was an immense plus point throughout the movie. Except for the insipid climax the movie still rocks. VKR and Janakaraj comedy though might have made few faces frown it was fun.


sundar said…
I could not tolerate Agni nakshatram when I watched it recently...I am wondering how I used to like it when it got released... Total crap....I don't understand how you managed to see it till the climax...

On the other hand Thillu Mullu, still is my favorite...Madhavi and Rajnikanth are great pair.
Dan said…
vaanga sundar.

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