Casino Royale

Casino Royale was released here and I managed to watch it on the first day. Though I am not an avid fan of Bond, I do watch his movies when I get a chance. They will never bore. Now after his latest flick receiving rave reviews I did have some expectations.

First something on the latest Bond Daniel Craig. He has fit in perfectly atleast as per my view into Bond's shoes. Though he looks different from Pierce Brosnan he looks good in a different way. Brosnan had a stylish look. Craig looks stylish as well as muscular. He wears a tough guy look. To watch Casino Royale he alone can be one reason.

Now coming to the movie let me tell you before hand that I didnt understand the story. It was like me watching english movie when I was young. I just used to watch for the action scenes without understanding the movie. It was the same experience.

The movie starts in Czech Republic there is some bloody action in a toilet and I didnt understand what was happening and then the title comes in Bond style. Amazing graphic works. Then there happens a underground arms dealing in some place called Mbale. The villain is introduced here.

Then we move on to Madagascar where our bond is introduced again. There comes an amazing chase scene. Don't miss this. I vaguely understood why the chase happens and it ends in Bond style.

Then we move on to Bahamas where Bond zeroes in on the villain to beat him on a poker game. Before the poker game there is one more chase scene happens at the Airport where Bond tries to save an Aeroplane being hit with a bomb.

Now I dont know what these poker games are. All I know is Rummy. They spread some cards and every one bets some amount and finally we wait with bated breath when Bond opens his card. Few times he looses and wins at last. Bond is assisted by a beautiful accountant. He falls in love with the lady (Yes Bond falls in love). I found the movie to be very slow here.

The lost Villain abducts Bond and the accountant and beats the shit out of Bond to get the money back but Bond never buckles. Be ready for some violent scenes here. Suddenly the villain gets killed by someone and Bond and his girl friend are left alive. Bond moves to a remote place to live with his love. He also resigns his job as 007.

Then Bond hears the money he won in the game which is supposed to go back to British Intelligence hasnt gone there. Now he see's his own girl friend betrays him.Then there comes a big fight in Venice where a whole building collapses and his girl friend dies before his eyes as he tries to save her desperately. Bond sheds tears (Yes he does)

In the last scene he finds the actual villain and utter the famous "My name is Bond, James Bond" dialogue.

The movie is long. Slow at some place. Very differnt when compares to the Brosnan movies I have seen.

Daniel Craig looks great. You can watch it just for him.


What was so difficult of the movie that you did not understood, it was not a complex story telling and thus should be easy.

The guy in the toilet was his first hit and an accomplish to the one he killed next who was selling secrets to underworld. That is how he got to his second victim, the one Bond shot off his chair in his own office.

That chase at Uganda was for an informant for the main villain Le Chiffre, but Bond killed him instead of getting the information (that is what M was angry with). Well, he blew up the embassy along with it, right.

That airport scene is also related. Do you remember Le Chiffre using his satellite phone to tell his stoke broker to bet against the stoke of the aircraft company (while he was talking to the African Terrorist in Uganda) because he knew that the next day, the aircraft flagship craft was going be blown away sending the company bankrupt and thus he gets huge millions in return. The failure of this indeed let to the poker game.

Well, yes, the poker game won't be that thrilling if one do not know Poker but the movie have done a good enough not to make that very tiring. I like their body language and the events in between.

The movie need to slow down (according to me) as it was to build up the character of Bond where he become immune to love and affection. It needed to show that transformation else it will be difficult to attain the Bond that Bond is of today.

And the villain do not just suddenly got killed. It is the same terrorist that have bartered with the Lady for the money and spared Bond's life and also of the boyfriend of that bond girl. That is how it leads to the Venice fight where Eva Green goes to give the money to the terrorist to get back to her boyfriend but also gave a hint to Bond by leaving her Mobile phone and thus Bond came in to give the necessary twist.

Not just the famous word but remember the Bond Signature music was also kept for the last. It was I think done elaborately to come to the fact that now he is the Bond that we all know.

Well, I did an extended review after my first sypnosis after seeing the movie on the preview release.
Dan said…

Thanks Rajeshwar. Hope your comment will help anyone who reads this blog.
Ram said…
Who is this bond before our captain Vijaykanth!! and his firework dialogues... !!

The way he attacks the terrorists and culprits, Man !!, Daniel Craig should learn from our captain...

Meanwhile, why are you not writing reviews for Perarasu or Darmapuri !!
Dan said…

regarding reviews i couldnt see the movie thats y. lets wait for sabari from thalaivar.
Kittu said…
i did not watch casino royale yet. but as dany says, i also wanted to watch for this new bond guy.
Ram said…
i am going to casino royal tonight in another few minutes :-)
cowey said…
I bet you would have struggled too...
Ram said…
I watched it. Its is an entertaining movie... First Chase scene is awesome. But yes, it is quite difficult to understand some part of the movie. Overall, Good
time pass.

Rating: :-):-):-):-(:-(
Dan said…

super ram
Anonymous said…
All I can say is: dude, don't quit your day job to write movie reviews. You seriously suck at writing them.

(I'm not talking about your opinion of the movie, but your writing style.)
Dan said…

nandri anon

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