Two new tamil movies were released last week. Given below are the review comments given by rediff for these movies

Rendu - Madhavan's Rendu is too dumb to watch
Sivapathigaram - Sivappathigaaram is super-stupid

Click on the links to read the full review from rediff.

Another much hyped Hindi movie was released last week. Dhoom 2. Western people always had the tendency to write stories which will span across continents whether it be a novel or movie. Now our guys especially Bollywood people use that thought thoughtlessly.

There used to be a time when the songs and movie stills would be easily attributable to a movie but nowadays in all posters we see the same kind of look and feel.

Salman Khan with 2 rupees balloon karan kannadi, Amitabh (oops sorry Big B) with same grim face and Sunil shetty with an equally grim face. If not the above combination you will see Saif with a miami holiday dress and John Abraham with a rugged Jean. Yes these posters will also contain skimpily clad Bips, Aish, Priyanka and Mallika. It will be difficult to identify the name of the film just by seeing the poster.

Coming back to Dhoom 2 (sequel mania also borrowed from west) I read the movie starts off with a robbery happening in African desert then it moves on to Brazil. All this makes us feel we cant take movies which happens in India. When it is done in Hollywood movies, we cant differentiate the city in the movie. Whether London or Newyork both goes fine. All westerners looks same. An English guy and an American can act together and give a seamless look which is not possible with our guys. It is nature. Still I dont know why we keep trying to ape Hollywood.

To watch these movies we shell 200 rubees to watch in a multiplexes. We buy snacks for 100 rubees and spend another 200 on travel (car petrol). People cross state borders in search of Multiplexes.

After spending so much will we be satisfied watching these movies? I will come out of the movie hall with a splitting headache. Let me stop here already I started developing a migraine.


Syam said…
Rendu avalo mosamava iruku...sun tv interview la yesterday Maddy athu sooper movie nu sollitu irundhaan..athu sari avan nadicha padatha avaney nalla illana solla mudiyum :-)
Dan said…

thnx for visiting

nambalki karuthu illae ellam rediffki karuthu ;)
Praveen said…
even if you identify the bollywood movie name you wont be able to remember it .. it would be somethhing like
//mujekuchkehna aapki manpasandh tho darna marna hey kya badhal thu muje kuch sub teeke na//

So how the hindi movie makers call it --- MAMDMHKBTKSTN....
cowey said…

LOL ;-)
Dan said…

that was a good one )))
Syam said…
LOL @ Praveen :-)
Kittu said…
super praveen maamu.

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