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At the time of writing this post India is at no 7 position in 15th Asian Games in Doha. India has won 2 - Golds, 5 - Silver and 3 - Bronze. One Gold in Billiards by Pankaj Arjan and another Gold in Chess by Humpy.

China is in first position with 60 golds Japan follows with 17 golds. I dont want to complain on our performance.
If you go to any school and look at the bottom of any desk you will defintly find atleast one bubble gum stuck under most of them. Now take a walk in any high street in UK and observer the roads. You will see someone has been sowing bubble gums. the whole street is strewn with bubble gums.
India successfuly lost all 4 matches they played against south africa. VVS Laxman who was brought in for the last match to save us some respect scored a duck.
There is not a single horror movie without the following dialogues

"Let's get the hell out of here"
"What the hell is going on?"
Ajith to remake Rajini's Billa. I dont understand why someone would remake. The remakes might invite interest for the first few days of release but I dont think the interest will sustain. Not to belittle Ajiths efforts tt will be like another Lollu Sabha.
Given below is a picture from the movie "The Grudge"


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