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Movie of the Week

I like war movies. You will find all kind of emotions in war movies. Each movie will end with feeling that the wars fought in the past are not worth it. So many lives lost for the sake of land. One such movie I watched recently is We Were Soldiers. This movie was a little different from other war movies I had seen.

This movie starts off at a training camp where the soldiers are being trained by Mel Gibson. Then the soldiers are sent to Vietnam where already a bloody war is underway. It follows this platoon closely and narrates the two days they spend in the battle ground. It also shows how the Vietnam side fights the Americans.

Apart from the battleground scenes the situations how telegrams are sent to the families of the soldiers who lost their life in the battle are captured naturaly.

The most beautiful scene in the movie is the scene where Mel Gibson spends the night before leaving for battle, with his family. The scene with no dialogue but with just a heart beat kind of background captures the feeling of the soldier very well.

Song of the week

Few years back I used to collect all my favorite songs either in form of cassette, CDs or mp3,s. Then slowly the habit died and I stopped listening to songs. In those days when I used to collect songs, Hindi songs always occupied a special place.

This weeks song is one such song "Bahut Pyaar karte hein, tumko sanam" from the movie Sajaan. Last night I listened to the song and it still had the same effect which it used to have years back. It is an amazing track. Both versions the SPB and the girls version both are great.


Kittu said…
maams SPB is the Besshhtuu ALL TIME singer. His Saajan is a record breaker even after lots of Non-SPB fans in Hindi.

Saajan and Ek dhuje keliyee are the everlasting one's in SPB's hindi venture. I would love to meet this genius in my life, atleast once.
Dan said…
he sure is kittu

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