Atlast this years christmas is over. Here the prelude to christmas started in November. The tempo slowy builds up and reaches the crescendo on the day before christmas. Yes it lives only until the day before christmas (atleast for us). On the day of christmas the whole city wears a deserted look and no trains, no buses and add to it the fantastic london weather.

When we look at things from a braoder persective nothing makes sense. I am currently reading a book called Survivors. This is not a commercial book. This is a book written in christian perspective and more specifically based on the Revelation chapter in the Bible. For those who are not familiar with Revelation - this chapter in the Bible is the last chapter and talks about the doomsday.

This book questions the basic concept on which the entire world is running ie Money. If we look at the world we see if there is no concept of Money the world will come to a grinding halt. I just thought what would have happened if money was replaced with free service. A farmer will grwo food for others and in return a mason will build a house for him free of cost. An electrician will provide electricity free of cost to farmer. A cabbie or bus driver will move people across free of cost and you can imagine all free services. Now without money would man have invented cab, bus, electricity? Will we be having all that we have now? Would the world have been as it is now? Definitely not but we cannot comment on something which we have not done. Its a route which we didnt take..

I will stop here.


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