Except for Kadhaluku Mariyadhai I am not a big fan of Vijay Films and Kadhaluku Mariyadhai is the only film of Vijay which I have watched fully (from begining to end). After lot of deliberations I bought DVD of Gilli expecting a different movie from the usual run off the mill Vijay movies. This was based on feedback from many people.

The movie started off with a mindless fight, mindless punch dialogues and few scenes in the name of comedy. The whole thread for the movie doesnt make sense. This movie could have been done without the Vijay character. A psycho in love with a girl deeply who will do anything for the girl. They could have killed the psycho guy in the end and could have shown the title cards.

They didnt do that unnecassarily they introduce a character who tries to save the girl from the psycho. Then the movie doesnt move at all. The story stops there the hero saves the girl from the psycho and story remains there for next 1.5 hrs and finally the psycho fights with hero and hero wins both the fight and heroine.

It was hard for me to believe that this movie created records of sort.

I liked Dharani's Dhool - the violence in that movie made some sense but in Gilli everything is mindless and logicless.

Vijay looks ok when he is angry and falls flat at all other emotions. Trisha is just there in the movie. Prakash Raj is the saving grace but his character has been reduced to that of Komali.

I am still wondering what made this movie click.


Kittu said…
absolutely. i have no clue of this movie becoming a big hit.

may be appadi poadu song itself could have pulled the crowd. other than that, padam is a kuppai
Dan said…
i felt kokara kokara ko and arjunaru vilu better than appdi podu. BGM of vidya in the movie was catchy indeed.
Praveen said…
I saw dis movie only for Prakash Raj.. At times he is funny but sometimes way too irritating..
Dan said…

yes they have made it like that he is shown as heartless macho guy in one shot in another as a joker

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