There are few buildings which breath thier own life during midnights. For an observer who observes it from far they seem to emanate a life of their own. One such building is Hospital. Hospitals during night come to life of their own. Though a Hospital is different from other buildings during day time too but the difference gets lost in the euqally busy activities sorrounding it but as the day comes to an end and night takes over it will be the only building with a heartbeat of its own.

Hospitals in remote places trigger a lot of imaginations inside our mind. With those nurses walking here and there making tak tak noise with their shoes with mystery written all over their faces, with the faint smell of dettol mixed with Phenyl touching our nose, with wide variety of people loitering around, with wide variety of automobiles coming in and going out it presents a very unique picture.

Whenever I go past an hospital and stare at those windows I see people sitting in their beds in a world of their own. Its a very sad world, people with different problems. My mind starts to wander of thinking about what will be their problem, where will they be from?

During nights if we observe an hospital we see dimly lit windows, occasionaly moving figures in white clothes, occasional coughing its a world of its own. It's world of pain. As most of us dont understand our body its a mysterious world to many of us.

Above all the mystery around the hospital is increased by its Mortuary.


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