When the three entered into her room they saw her staring out the window.
He recognised her immediatley and ran over to her and hugged her.
She was shocked to see him.
"Honey where were you what happened I remember only the accident" she cried
"I missed you sweetheart. Honey I am sorry for all I did. I do love you. I was an idiot not to express it"
The trouble inside her heart was gone she hugged him tighter happily.
She vanished from his grip.
All he remembered after she vanished was her happy smiling face.
The other two said "We told you it is not peculiar to see people vanish into thin air. We dont know what the hell is happening"
Though he was sad that she was not with him, he was happy that his mission was accomplished.
They came inside the room again.
"We found a girl few months ago and she landed up here as you did, that is out of thin air. Though it is not unusual for us to hear of people appearing out of thin air and people vanishing into this air it sometimes makes us wonder what the hell is going on"
He became excited.
"I want to see her. Take me to her"
The two of them took him to meet her
They came out of the room.
"Could it be that he is looking for the girl we found few months ago?" asked one of them.
"That is exactly what I am thinking"
"Let us take him to her"
"Where are you from?"
"Your address?"
He said.
"We verified that address but we dont have that address in our list"
"What place is this?"
"This is Olamo"
"Where is it?"
"Olamo is in America"
"Am I dreaming? What is happening to me. I just tried to kill myself but these bunch of jokers are saying I am in Olamo." his mind screamed.
"Could it be, could it be I am there in the inbetween zone?"
"Whats that wound on your head? Who caused it?"
"I caused it. I tried to kill myself"
"Why did you try to kill yourself?"
"I wanted to meet my wife"
"Where is your wife?"
"That is what I have to find"
"You are confusing us"
"I am as confused as you are."
The people who questioned him left the room.
"When was the last time we had someone like this guy?"
"We had someone few months back who didnt have one hand. Do you remember?"
"Yeah I remember. It was gory. I remember the girl we found recently"
"This place has become very unusual. People appear from thin air and people disappear into thin air"
"They keep talking about some story about someone beating them up or commiting suicide"
"I think they speak the truth, we can see that they bleed to death"
"I think most of them are just insane and hurt themselves because none of the details they say are verifiable"
"Well may be there exists another universe and these people are just aliens"
"Oh come on dont tell me you believe in aliens"
They walked away with their echoing laugh.
They found him lying in a pool of water that had formed due to the after noon rain. His face was covered with blood. They called for an ambulance.
He opened his eyes and saw that he was lying in a room which resembled a hospital. He tried to move but the pain in his head was unbearable.
The two people who admitted him at the hospital approached him.
"What happened to you? What is your name? Where are you from?"
He stared at them blankly.
He put the nozzle inside his mouth.
The talk he had with his friend disturbed him a lot. His friend had said the only way to find out is to go there ourselves. Another hint he got from his friend was that souls with troubled mind are the ones which get lost.
"You dont have the right to take your life. It's a sin. Don't commit it" his mind screamed.
"I can't live in this world where she is not there. I have to meet her and convey my love to her and take her to her final destination" the other side of his mind screamed.
The gun smelled of grease but he didnt find any traces of grease outside but thats not important now.
His finger landed on the trigger.
They found her body mangled between the crumpled steel structure which was once a car.
"Oh my God ! I dont think she will be alive"
"She is dead" the doctor confirmed.
He got the news when he was in a meeting.
Everything was over in the next three days.
After few months he was going through her things one by one. He came to her diary. He opened it and started going through it. All the pages were filled with her beautiful handwriting. The content of those made him cry. It said that she has been feeling lonely because he was concentrating more on work. She felt neglected. She was searching for the lost love. She concluded that the the love is lost for ever. She thought she will never get him back again. She lost him to his work. She was depressed.
He never thought she was feeling that way.
"God, I loved her. Yes I have failed in expressing it to her. I wish I conveyed that to her properly. Now its too late"
He conveyed his feelings to his friend. His friend who had been there for him in all difficult situations listened.
Few days later they were in a bar.
"I have some news for you."
He looked at his friend quizzically.
"Promise me you wouldnt get angry"
He kept staring at him.
"Your wife is not there"
"My wife is not where?"
"She is not there" his friend pointed a finger upwards.
"What the ?" he didnt complete the sentence
"Well, I was just trying to help you. I wanted to convey to her that you loved her very much"
"So what did you do?"
"I tried to talk to some people"
"You mean dead people"
"Yes. Dont be mad at me. I wanted to make her realize that you loved her"
"You shouldnt talk to dead people its not right to disturb them. It is a sin"
"Now listen, The importan thing now is your wife is not there"
"What do you mean not there?"
"She is not up there"
"You mean upper world"
"Yeah you can call it upper world or heaven or hell whatever but the important thing now is she is not there"
"If she is not there and we know that she is dead and not here then where is she? I dont believe in this"
"Trust me. I know what I am talking. Though souls get lost very rarely they say there has been times when people took sometime after they die to reach the final place. They dont know what those lost souls do in the time gap. There are cases like people who died years ago have not reached their final destination still"
He stared at his friends face dumbstruck.
His friend continued "This happens to people who die with something bothering their mind"
"So you are saying my wife is wandering somewhere in between this earth and heaven"
"Yes you can say so. I can communicate to people who have reached their final destination but nobody knows where the lost souls go or do. The only way to find out is to go to that lost world ourselves but we dont know how to go there. We can only pray that she reaches her final destination soon"
PS : Those who are wondering what the hell is this story about - this is based on an assumption that there exists another world inbetween final destination and earth. That world is functioning as a normal world. The souls which have inhabited that world for long time has converted that world to resemble our world as close as possible. They think that they are living in earth.


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