This is an interesting news item which has happened very near to my residence. There are too many things that has happened in favour of the security guard. The person who used the ATM forgot to log out of the ATM which obviously means he forgot to take his ATM card back. Here in UK the moment you request cash the first thing that comes out of the machine is your card and then the cash. So there is no way you can leave your card inside the ATM unless you do it wantedly.

There was also a news in Hindu yesterday about Metro rail coming to chennai. There have been talks going on for more than ten years on this but nothing has happened. Delhi on the other hand is implementing Metros as if they are toy trains. In chennai we are still waiting for the MRTS to become fully operational. Unless all different types of transport augment each other introducing various transorts will not be a success. Any european city has bus stops right outside the metro stations and all the metro lines will cross each other at some station enabling people to switch metros, buses, regualar trains and trams easily but in chennai bus stop will be a km from the station. I dont see any interlinking between the existing tambaram-beach section, MRTS and the Central-Arakonam section which makes us think twice before using the public transport. Having a common ticket is another important factor for the success of the public transport. Let us hope all the above will become a reality before the next generation takes over.

Mamta has ended her fast. She is against the Tata factory coming in WB. When people always welcome industries she is against it. I dont know the reason behind her decision. Hope she has just cause behind all these tamasha.


cowey said…
Well said da...I had similar feeling about Metros in Chennai. It will not be a success herenunless they take into point what you said...

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