Those who are wondering about the title of this post please keep wondering.

After a long time sun has come out here but dont know how long it will last.

As per DMK govt latest rule Mayajaal tickets should cost 15 Rs. I dont know what will be the basis for bringing out certain rules. Sometimes it does look like we live under some dictatorship. People play a role only until rulers are elected afterwards they dictate rules. Instead of thinking how to improve cine industry if they spend time thinking how to improve the state it will add lot more value.

A kid has been found murdered in chennai. The kid who was playing outside his house went missing and the parents received a call asking for ransom but now they have found the kids body. Here in UK there was a series of murders few days ago and police was looking for the serial killer. Now a guy has been chargesheeted for the murders. It makes us shiver to think about the kind of people roaming around us.


cowey said…
Congrats on your 101st post
tara said…
Heeyyy is that truee..? Congratulations for a cool ton.
Dan said…
@cowey & tara

danks. corecta kandu pedicha cowey ku 2 glass lemon juice will be sent.
Kittu said…
dan . ton adichadhukku congrats.

keep writing and hit more tons.
Dan said…

nandri kittu
Praveen said…
100 posts..thats gr8!

BTW, that kid who had been murdered lived just two streets away from my flats in Saligramam. There is a kind of panic here with squads because Police Station is right near my block..
Dan said…

it is a sad incident

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