Truman Show

Sometimes our life seems to be like the Truman show. We see the same thing daily. We live the same routine day by day.

For me when I start walking towards my bus stop in the morning I walk past a used car dealer showroom. I see the same two people wiping off the water off the cars. I see the bus 203 either waiting in the signal of at the busstop before the signal. I see the same woman crossing the road along with me. I notice the same two kids who wait for bus no 216 with their mother. I notice the same bunch of teenagers, studying in the near by school, cross the signal. Believe me or not this is the sight I witness from Monday to Friday. It hasnt changed at all.

The moment I get get down at my stop and start walking towards my office I notice the same people walking past me. I see the same old man staring out from a window. I see the same person walking towards a shop smoking. Except for a minutes lag most of them follow the same routine.

Evenings the same thing happens.

When I was in school I had to travel to my school by train from Palavanthangal station. I used to see the same people boarding my compartment day after day. After few days we become so familiar we can easily identify if someone is missing. From the beggar to the person who sells suppota or pala sulai, everyone becomes so familiar. The same station bookshop with people staring at the magazines hanging.

Now from other persons perspective they should be feeling the same about me. I am just another routine in their life.

All we need is just one day for each stage in our life to feel how it will be then we get used to it. The same routine repeats day after day. If a man goes through 10 stages in life then the number of days he actually lives equals to just 10 days.

Only people who take step to break the monotony see something different but again they come back and merge into the same monotonous life.

I can already feel I have gone past many of those phases of life I might still have just few more phases of life where my routine will change.

Then how do you think man can copes up with this monotony? He fantasises. Yes fantasies keep us going. Man always lives in a dream world. For example the moment he enters into the toilet he goes into a different world of his own. His own world where he is The King and he makes his own rules. In that world Aishwarya Roys and Charliez Therons begs for his attention.Fantasies keeps him alive. A man without job dreams of getting the best of the job.

The student dreams of getting into the best institute. Man dreams of beautiful girls, girls dream of handsome men where no one rejects the other. The life he lives in his fantasies is equalent to thousands of days. He lives in two parallel worlds. Sometimes he feels the real world is a fantasy sometimes he feels the fantasy world is fantasy.

For those who read this blog regularly that has become a habit and monotonous act. For me writing this blog has become a monotonous act.

Life just goes on and on.


Praveen said…
Nice post Dan. My monotony - to make it a lil interesting I started crafting stories after joining infosys...

Storytelling pulls my soul into it. Because I try to explore the other side of the coin, put myself in other's shoes and think. To be frank...I love it..U wanna know my fantasy - To become one of the greatest..Ok..ok..thats why I call it a fantasy!
Dan said…

yes i can see that u hold the 1st position in INK on number of stories posted. i am amazed that u r able to write w/o taking break. kudos.

it all starts with fantasies then it becomes reality. wish u success.
Anonymous said…
say 'groundhog day' ...thats more appropriate than 'truman show' :)
Praveen said…
Speaking of stories...U have been a terrrific contributor too. Guess the first one I read on INK was Healer and then Spooked, Apocalypse, Water, Portal, (that warfront bird story), Never cut trees, Chill...forgive me if i messed with titles!!!
Dan said…

heard of that movie but hvnt seen it. thanks for visiting


its always nice to know that someone else remembers the story titles :)
Kittu said…
super maams. idu daan namba life
Balaji S Rajan said…
I have experienced the same. It shows that you are on time everyday to see others everyday at the same time. Yes... sometimes it is montonous. I normally find something new everyday to make it different. Sometimes I change my route and sometimes timings to see something different. This gives a different feeling.
Dan said…

yes maams


yes true balaji especially when we come out at different times or be at different place at same time then the whole worlds seems very different

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