Claustrophobia - 1

I came across this word very late in my life as per some people's standards. I came across this word somewhere around when I was doing +2 or 1st year in college from then on I have had lot of situations to remember this word.

What could be more claustrophobic? Many will have many situations as example to say that they will feel claustrophobic in some X situation. When thinking in broad terms I could think of two situations just the thought of which could generate this feeling inside us. Let me elaborate on those.

Situation 1 - For those who have watched the movie Vanished or Kill Bill will be familiar with this situation. Yes, the thought of being put inside a coffin alive and buried will generate this feeling abundantly. Think that you are being laid inside the coffin and they are closing the top. They start hammering the nails into place. You can feel the whole coffin vibrating around you. Now its totally dark inside and already you have started to feel suffocated. When they hammered the nail few wood scraps fell on ur eyelids and are now causing an itch. You try to bring your hand to remove it but you cant lift it to your face. You can just move it to such an extent you can scratch your crotch. You shake your head and clear the wood scrap of your eyelid and open your eyes wide. Its totally dark inside and you can feel that they are lifting the coffin and lowering it into the pit. The coffin lands with a thud at the bottom of the pit dug exclusiely for you. You hear the sand being put on top of the coffin. You feel pain in your back and it slowly moves to your neck. You sense that something is crawling inside your pants through your foot. By sheer instinct you try to lift you leg but your knee hits the top of the coffin causes you more pain and the thing on your foot makes its way to your thigh. Now you dont hear anything outside. They must have completed filling sand. You suddenly feel the whole weight of the sand above the coffin coming crashing on you. You feel sick to your stomach. You throw up and most of it lands on your face. You cant wipe it. Your eyes starts to burn. You can't open your eyes. You keep them shut. The thing on your thigh is now at your crotch. It stings you.

You have now used up all the oxygen. You now inhale the air which has no oxygen in it. Your lungs scream for oxygen.

You cry, You scream.

Nobody hears. You are there all alone.

Claustrophobia to continue ...


Kittu said…
kalakkitta maams. gumm iruttu effect soober
Dan said…
Thanks Kittu

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