Aalwar - Review

Aalwar - Review
I had the choice of watching Guru, Pokiri or Aalwar and I chose Aalwar. For some reason Abhishek Bachan doesnt interest me and I had no interest in watching a Vijay film. But now I regret my decision now, Guru atleast should have given me some satisfaction as it is a Maniratnam flick.

Take Naan Sigapu Manithan, Indian and Anniyan put it in a mixer and you get Aalwar but Aalwar lacks the punch delivered by its predecessors. I genuinely wished Ajith would give a blockbuster this time but the director has made a mess out of the movie.

If you are interested in the story line of Aalwar its the same as the three movies mentioned above. Ajith and his loving family become victims of goondas and now Ajith turns into a Vigilante, wherever anyayam happens he will be there. But the problem is the director has handled the movie very poorly. Not a single positive point comes to my mind when thinking about this movie.

The comedy part by Vivek & co is a total disaster. Romance between Ajith and Asin looks childish and all the scenes between them tests your nerves. Above all this the movies lacks logic throughout. I have no clue why the director went in for entirely new faces for the Villain and the Police inspector who tracks Ajith. The villain and the Inspector are total let down. The orders the Inspector gives to track Ajith are comical. To name one when the Inspector comes to know that the one who is killing the people comes in various costumes he asks the police dept to bring in all people who use costumes. How ridiculous! Another funny scene which comes to my mind is how Ajith steals a gun by spraying mosquito gas. Few scenes on how the police tracks Ajith reminds you of Aboorva Sagatharargal.

The peak of disaster is the finale. I dont know if it was a problem in the theater or its the way the movie is edited but the ending is so abrupt it makes you laugh. You will be strongly reminded of the movie Indian when watching this climax.

One thing I could notice in the movie is Ajith has used this movie to send some message to director Bala. Whenever the victims question Ajith who he is, he replies "Naan Kadavul". I dont know why Ajith agreed to do this movie expect for the message to Bala. I seriously wish Ajith would spend his time on doing good movies instead of doing movies like this.

Nothing to say about music. Ajith looks young, dashing and energetic in the songs but all the songs are dream sequences which again is a negative.

The flashback though tries to bring out another side of Ajith it too falls flat as it is too cliched. I will hold the director responsible for the entire fiasco.

Better luck next time Ajith.


Anonymous said…
Heh.. thanks for the warning

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