Thinking about a non repetitive heading is becoming a headache nowadays so I have kept the heading for this posting as just Heading.

Lot of serious weather change is happening. I heard Delhi had its coldest winters with temperature falling well below 2 degrees on the contrary London has been quite warm for its usual self. Normally the temperature in London around December, January and February should be below 5 degress but this time it has been hovering around 10 degrees consistently and add to that the rain which has been lashing the city for the past 3 weeks. The rain and warm weather has become a cycle. The warm weather has brought the rain and the rain has inturn made it warm. Could it all be due to global warming?

Many of IT giants announced their quarterly earnings almost all of them doing good.

Nowadays I can see lot of advertisements in TV on websites. It's kind of different for the eyes which has been accustomed to only advertisements on feelable products. It shows us how the world is evloving.

Nowadays I read a series of disturbing news about kidnap and murder of kids. I dont know if I am reading the same news again and again or it is different news daily. If it is different news something needs to been done immediately.


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