I read in todays Hindu that Traffic police in chennai are going to be more strict on traffic rules violators. It was mentioned that they are considering increasing the fine for Traffic rule violations such as stopping beyond stop line, to Rs.1000.

Having been in London for sometime I have observed here the fine for any rules violations is very high atleast thats what they advertise. If you dont get you TV licence which just costs 130 GBP you may have to pay a fine of 1000 GBP. If you dont pay your council tax on time, your right to pay in installment is revoked and you end up paying 1000 GBP in one shot. There is no way you can escape without paying congestion charge if you plan to use car inside London. If you dont have valid tickets you have to pay a big amount as fine. They advertise these things very well in all prominent places. You are made to read those things again and again so that you dont violate any rules.

Though apart from fines the attitude of the people to respect rules also matters, fines does to some extent help in enforcing the rules.

In chennai if the police does take serious steps in enforcing rules (which is becoming highly necassary with the kind of traffic increase we witness) many lives will be saved.


Kittu said…
many hard earned pockets would also be saved

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