Chennai is now eagerly expecting the implementation of Electronic meter for Autos. People as usual are expecting this will solve all the problems they face with Auto drivers. Todays Hindu points out that the mechanical meters they have currently can be easily tampered by mechanics in Pudupet. Though everyone is aware of the term "Soodu vecha meter" the Hindu article just confirms it. Now whether the meter is hot or not didnt matter till now as the drivers never used the meters. I have never seen a driver using a meter in his Auto.

Now bringing electronic meter will it solve the problem? We always thought computerising things will make our society corruption free. But in reality has it? Driving licence issuing, voter card issuing, passport issuing and name whatever everything has been computerised but corruption still exists. Computers or Electronics wont bring in moral changes in People. Adding counters in traffic signals hasnt changed the mentality of notorious motorists.

As the old song goes "Thirudanaai paarthu thiruntha vital thirutai olika mudiyathu" unless Auto drivers change their attitude 100000 police and a mainframe meter wont bring in any change.
Being in UK I had the oppurtunity to witness the Shilpa Shetty showdown in Big Brother. One thing which is sure is Shilpa didnt fit into the lot. Another thing I could see from the program is they should only try to bring in people with same cultural background on programs like this . If they want to observe how people of different culture react with each other they should try some other program with the objective set clearly right before the program.

Yes Jade & co did bully Shilpa but the trigger was Shilpa being an odd woman out. If they had brought in some UK born Indian things would have been different.


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